Can you take me to FuzzyTown???

Greetings Rock’n’Roll Nerds, Country Music Weirdos, & Blues Freaks…

Welcome to the prairie home of roots-rock weirdos, The Fuzz Kings!

We’re very proud to perpetuate the buzz surrounding our latest & greatest full-length album release “ReTurn Of The Century” which features 10 brand new original songs.

Since the vinyl edition of “ReTurn Of The Century” doesn’t come with a ‘free download code’ card, we’ve set out our Bandcamp page with a “pay what you want” option for the digital album. If you’ve got vinyl and want the digital version, please download it for free. If you haven’t got the vinyl and you want a digital copy… well, it’s up to you.


You may select from our various nerd pages:

Facebook:Fuzz // Twitter:Fuzz // Bandcamp:Fuzz // Reverbnation:Fuzz // CBC:Fuzz // Sonicbids:Fuzz  // Youtube:Fuzz


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