The purchasing of the clean produce.

The pairie sector of Earth is likely the most fortunate and entitled demographic of Earthlings… and among other things, they are fascinated with paying top dollar for naturally occuring, self replenishing food resources in efforts to ensure a long and healthy life dispite the fact that world domination from one enemy or another is inevitable, be it Chinese or (more likely) Martian.

Personally, I find it fascinating that any species would have to go out of their way to eat food that naturally pops out from under the ground beneath them, especially since it’s in their nature to trust their government and the environment with which they’ve surrounded themselves and the mind-control syrum their leaders have been sneaking into food supplies while in transit isn’t half as effective as it could be.

C’est la vie.

They don’t realize how important clean food is for the prolonging of their race… right now they just feel fortunate that they can afford to eat the way their social conscience dictates they should.

It’s fascinating.


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