Fuzz Kings Must Be Destroyed

Hey all,

Just a reminder that the media wants you all to believe that the world is slated to end in just a couple of months. I hope everyone’s selected some non-exclusive eastern religion to help themselves feel better about the whole thing.

Please bare in mind that this Operation: Earth Change date is only tentative… we only scheduled it to line up with the Mayan calendar ending to be ironic and poetic, but the fact is we haven’t quite worked out the bugs just yet and we’re finding that Mid-December might actually be a bit of a push. Activating the machine is more likely going to take a while.

Also, the world won’t really be “ending” so much as it will be the end of the world “as we know it”… so from this point on we’ll try and refrain from use of negative terms such as “destruction” in favor of more positive terminology such as “redecoration.”

… which is just a humorous way of saying that we plan on releasing our first album at some point; the tentative date for which is “someday.”


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