Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge

We’ve recently got some mixes back from a recording we conducted at The Turtle Pond with a good friend and peer, Tom Kerr. 6 songs in the can, 5 of which have words, and all of which are sounding really great. We’re currently in the midst of “Fuzz King Death Match” to determine which audio format(s) on which the songs will be released (… if that makes any grammatical sense whatsoever).

It’s fare to say that we’ll get distracted with beer and extracurricular smokables and resolve our differences by making our music accessible to all facets of elitism.

Just wait a bit… we’ll have something for you soon and you’ll have as much fun listening to it… and probably get as drunk and laid as often as we did while we were making it. It will be released at an opportune time, I assure you.

The Fuzz Kings

ps – NEXT SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29TH!!! – The Preying Saints & The Fuzz Kings @ The Artery in Edmonton. Bring a friend and a clean change of socks.


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