Hey! Hey! We’re the Fuzz Kings…

… and people think we’re fucking around!

Well… today we are.

Today we bask in the 50mph winds as we begin shooting our first video for our first single from our first upcoming album…

The song is called “Comfortably” and although the image above has absolutely nothing to do with the song, the title, the theme… or even the video we’re shooting, know in advance of viewing that the new video is going to be JUST as AWESOME as the picture above.

Working with Philam & Pete is exciting as they’ve brought forward the awesome videos put out by their band “The Weekend Kids” as well as “The Old Wives” and a video that featured The Fuzz Kings’ Fat Dave Johnston for the song ‘Lowlife from High River’ by “Jake Ian & The Haymakers.”

Also happy to have Kathleen from KikkiPlanet on-board as well as some members of our illustrious Edmonton Long & McQuade family.

We’re pleased to be lumped in with that group of awesome guys, and we’re excited to say that our video is going to be WAY stupider than ANY of those, bar none.

Keep the shiny side up,
The Fuzz Kings…


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