Summer Tour

Hey everybody,

So it might be time to start talking about our latest little time-suck we’ve been throwing our energy into… FUZZTOUR

This summer we’ll be making a mess of Western Canada from Saskatoon to Vancouver Island and as many places in between as we possibly can. We’ll be in a town near you! A few dates have been confirmed but we won’t be posting the entire schedule until we get a couple more confirmations, which should be rolling in any time now.

We’ll be roadin’ it from July 24th until August 4th in support of the 12″ E.P. “Accentuate Everything” and with any luck some advance copies of the follow-up full-length album we’ve been working on. (Shhh!!! This is the first we’re really talking about having copies of it and we haven’t even talked about release dates, formats, and all that other fun junk!) – So hopefully you’ll be where we are when we’re there!

Love ya!
xo – The Fuzz Kings



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