I’m a law abiding citizen (and you’re a cop)…

Hi All,

Here’s a story for you…

We went ahead and learned up some BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW songs for our last gig in preparation , one of whic is entitled “Law Abiding Citizen” wherein the sing-along hook reads “I’m a law abiding citizen and you’re a cop.” Not the most cop-friendly song in the set by a long shot… which would have been fine if Const. Austin Lunde of The Edmonton Police Service wasn’t in attendance.

Now, he was a good sport, and said that he enjoyed the song.

The awkward moment started when his wife texted him from the parking lot that she had arrived to pick him up and she couldn’t come in ad join him because their new baby was in the car. So he went ahead and stayed the rest of the set to assure us that he was not storming out at the end of that song.

The story as it was told to me was hilarious… but it’s true, I would have assumed that I’d annoyed and offended a cop… and an all-around cool guy.

We’re glad he stuck around.
So was he… and eventually when his wife came in for a quick moment… so was she.


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