December Update…

Hey all,

Not a whole lot to report at the moment. The season is in full swing and we’re silently (except for this post) preparing for some really cool stuff to throw at you in the New Year… including the anticipated full length Fuzz Kings album “ReTurn Of The Century” and a very cool, very limited edition RECORD STORE DAY release…

I know it’s a little early to be talking about Record Store Day but the pressing plants & manufacturers get SO slammed with orders leading up to that major push for indie-consumerism that we can’t help but try to stay ahead of that whirlwind as much as we possibly can.

There are shows posted… more are being added as we go.
You may notice we’re not playing in Edmonton much… we’ve elected to hold off until we have the new album to offer up. Rest assured that it’s a pretty tough thing to hold to since we live here and love playing to Edmonton crowds, but “abstinence makes the heart go yonder” or however the saying goes.

It won’t be long!

FD // N.O. // A.T. // T.K.


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