New Fuzz Kings full-length album “Return of the Century” is ready to order.

Hey all,
The long wait for your very own CD copy of The Fuzz Kings “ReTurn Of The Century” is over. CD’s are officially in stock and available to order from:

They’ll be in all the usual shops in Edmonton and at shows very shortly (if they’re not there already) – but since we run our own bandcamp site, they’re available immediately (RIGHT NOW!), shipped to your door (which is nice because it’s winter.)

We had originally planned on doing an official release party, but extenuating circumstances have prevented us from doing so… so when “ReTurn Of The Century” goes to vinyl, we’ll have an official release at that time. In the mean time, this CD is just going to be some interesting thing that happened. Since we’re planning a Record Store Day release on April 19th at Permanent Records in Edmonton, this will serve as the “official release” for BOTH the “ReTurn Of The Century” CD and the “I’m Your Goon” 7″ record.

I hope this is sufficient! In the mean time we have lots in the works for all you fine folks… now… GO ORDER YOUR COPY OF “ReTURN OF THE CENTURY”!


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