Now That “ReTurn Of The Century” is available…

Hi there, Friends…

Now that the new full length album “ReTurn Of The Century” is avalable to the masses (get yours HERE!) you’re going to start seeing & hearing little bits & pieces of vital information regarding the upcoming limited edition Record Store Day release of “I’m Your Goon” – an aggressive surf rock & roll number that got left off of the “ReTurn Of The Century” album because of it’s overt aggression and punchiness. We felt that it didn’t really fit in the track list of the album since “ReTurn Of The Century” has such an up-beat feel throughout, and “I’m Your Goon” is more on the ‘dark side‘ of things.

The flip side of the record has a tongue-in-cheek electric rockabilly number called “Guilty Conscience” that was recorded at Edmonton’s own Sound Extractor Studio by Stew Kirkwood. It was recorded in between the sessions for “Accentuate Everything” and the sessions for “ReTurn Of The Century” in late 2012. We love the way this song was recorded, and were saving it for a rainy day… And, well… It must be raining now.

*** “I’m Your Goon / Guilty Conscience” will be available April 19th, 2014 and every day after that until they’re all gone. Get it while you can!


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