Do you remember Rock And Roll Radio?

WE’VE BEEN HEARING REPORTS OF RADIO PLAY of various songs from the latest “ReTurn Of The Century” – this is excellent news!

We encourage you to call your local college/indie radio stations and request your favorite ditties in your local communities.

Here’s who has ’em:

– B.C. –
Kamloops: CFBX 92.5FM
Vancouver: CFRO 102.7FM & CITR 101.9FM
Victoria: CFUV 101.9FM
Nelson: CJLY 93.5FM
Burnaby: CJSF 90.1FM
Prince George: CFUR 88.7FM
Nanaimo: CHLY 101.7FM
Smithers: CICK 93.9FM
Abbotsford: CIVL 101.7FM

Saskatoon, SK: CFCR 90.5FM

Edmonton: CKUA 94.9FM, CJSR 88.5FM (Across Alberta)
Calgary: CJSW 90.9FM
Lethbridge: CKXU 88.3FM

Winnipeg: CKUW 95.9FM


*** On March 31st, a commercial radio campaign for the single “Life Lessons” from the album “ReTurn Of The Century” will begin, which will only add to the number of stations you can call & request.

Hear that song here:

Every little bit helps. We have some seriously awesome fans and recieve great support from the community… so thank you, and and thank you again in advance.


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