The Fuzz And The Fury

The Fuzz Kings are a hybrid cross-over band that walks the line between country and rock & roll, and does it very well. Hailing from Edmonton, AB, this band has been slugging it out on the highways of western Canada from city to small town since the summer of 2012, and has released two full length albums ( 2014’s ‘ReTurn Of The Century’ and 2015’s ‘Your Kids Are Gonna Love It’), both of which have been awarded much acclaim from numerous Earshot! Radio stations, and live music fans alike.


ReTurn Of The Century’ represents a classic approach to making music, while ‘Your Kids Are Gonna Love It’ represents the more energetic side of The Fuzz Kings. Both releases feature continuous, prolific songwriting and the dynamic energy that The Fuzz Kings bring to every stage.


The Fuzz Kings surely deliver a sound for all walks of life, and have shared stages with numerous Canadian headlining acts in addition to playing several festival stages in their ongoing effort to grow their fan base and see their music move.



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Facebook:Fuzz // Twitter:Fuzz // Bandcamp:Fuzz // Reverbnation:Fuzz // CBC:Fuzz // Sonicbids:Fuzz  // Youtube:Fuzz



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